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Checkpoint 3


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What are the 3 main purposes of citing (check all that apply)?

  be able to locate the source again
  credit sources to ensure a better grade
  provide a sense of the source's relevance and quality
  identify the source of an idea

Bibliographic citations are usually listed at the end of the paper and:

  must be in alphabetical order
  may be tied to where the source is cited in the body of the paper
  always have a signal phrase in the body of the paper
  also include a footnote if the source is cited in the body of the paper

To cite an online full-text source that does not have all the information that appears in the print version, you should (check all that apply):

  find a print copy and cite from that
  just use whatever information the online version makes available
  include information about the library database providing the full-text

Web page citations should always include (check all that apply)?


Questions for your professor:
There are a variety of ways that you can credit your sources. The professor ultimately decides which methods are considered appropriate in his or her class. Some questions to consider asking are:

  • What citation style should you use?
  • In what ways should your citations compensate for difficulties in citing Web pages? For instance, can you alter the title or create one that is meaningful?

What questions do you still have on how to credit your sources that you would like your professor to clarify?

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