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Checkpoint 2

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When taking notes it is important to (check all that apply):

write down all the citation information on the source
indicate words that you have copied exactly from the source
indicate ideas and paraphrases from the source

To paraphrase correctly you need to (check all that apply):

change some of the author's words
give credit to the original source of the information
reinterpret the author's idea using substantially different wording
accurately convey the meaning of the original

Direct quotations should be:

used frequently
kept as short as possible
used instead of paraphrasing or your own words whenever possible

What are the two most important considerations when determining common knowledge (check all that apply)?

many people are likely to know this information
the information appears in a reference work
the information appears in many sources
the information is factual in nature

Online Web sources:

only need to be cited if they are copyrighted
are preferred because it is easy to cut and paste information into your paper
can be difficult to follow-up later since the information can change or the site might disappear altogether
are usually not protected by copyright

Questions for your professor:
How to avoid plagiarism is not always black and white. The professor ultimately decides what strategies are considered appropriate in his or her class. Some questions to consider asking are:

  • How much should you use direct quotation in your paper?
  • What should you do if information in an online source changes?

What questions do you still have on how to avoid plagiarism that you would like your professor to clarify?


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