WMST 300c Class project for  Women's History Month 2003 on the theme:

Women & War

Information Resources for Women's Studies

in the following three areas

Women's Contributions to War  

 Women as Victims of War  

  Women Against War

General Information

Women are concerned, affected and involved in war and peace activities throughout the history and in all aspects of life.

Women, War and Peace: The Independent Experts' Assessment on the Impact of Armed Conflict on Women and Women's Role in Peace Building by United Nations Development Fund for Women covers many areas of concern, from the gender dimensions of violence and displacement during conflict to the role of peacekeepers and the need for women to play a central part during peace negotiations and reconstruction. Key recommendations focus on finding ways to protect and empower women.

Women and war - special report  by International Committee of the  Red Cross (ICRC) provides an update of the ICRC's actions since the publication of the Women facing War study and the subsequent commitment to the identification of and response to both the general and specific needs of women affected by conflict.

Women's Contributions to War

Women contribute to war by serving in the armed forces, joining labor force during war time, working as journalists, nurses, spies ... and as supportive mothers, wives, daughters.

Library Materials

By Timeline By Issues/aspects
The encyclopedia of Amazons : women warriors from antiquity to the modern era HQ1115 .S25 1991  Women in the military
UB418.W65 W67 1992 
All the daring of the soldier : women of the Civil War armies
 E628 .L45 1999 
Women in the military : an unfinished revolution
UB418.W65 H64 1992 
They fought like demons : women soldiers in the American Civil War
E628 .B52 2002 
Arms and the enlisted woman
UB418.W65 S75 1989 
Patriots in disguise : women warriors of the Civil War
E628 .H35 1993 
Serving in silence
UB418.G38 C36 1994
Women, war, and work : the impact of World War I on women workers in the United States HD6095 .G72 1990  A soldier and a woman : sexual integration in the military
UB416 .S65 2000 
On final approach : the women airforce service pilots of W.W. II
D790 .G68 1991  
One woman's Army : a Black officer remembers the WAC
D811 .E23 1989
Women pilots of World War II  
D790 .C62 1992 
Fighting in the Jim Crow Army : black men and women remember World War II
electronic resource
A WASP among Eagles
electronic resource
A look backward and forward at American professional women and their families
HQ759.48 .L66 2000 
We’re in this war, too: World War II letters from American women in uniform
D811 .L58 1994 
First class : women join the ranks at the Naval Academy
V415.P1 D57 1998 
Women war correspondents of World War II
D799.U6 W34 1989 
My country, my right to serve : experiences of gay men and women in the military, World War II to the present
UB418.G38 H86 1990b 
Stateside soldier : life in the Women's Army Corps, 1944-1945
D811.5.H429 A3 2001 
Images of women in peace and war : cross-cultural and historical perspectives  U21.75 .I48 1988 
Women war correspondents in the Vietnam War, 1961-1975
DS557.7 .E49 1988 
Mothers of heroes and martyrs : gender identity politics in Nicaragua, 1979-1999
F1527 .B39 2001 

Internet Resources

Women In Military Service for America Memorial a collection of documents on the role of women in the United States Military from the American Revolution onwards

Civil War Women: On-line Archival Collections from Duke University Online archive.

Rosie the Riveter and other Women World War II Heroes

Women in Vietnam

The Army Nurse Corps

American Women Who Died in the Vietnam War (1959-1975)

Military Wives

Women in the military is a website devoted to women who have served in the military. This website features women in every aspect where war is concerned.

Photo show:

Women Veterans

Women come to the front: Journalists, photographers, and broadcasters during world war II  a virtual space designed to showcase the artistic works of eight women who documented wartime events.

Women as Victims of War

Women particularly suffer from war-- refugees, raped, sex slaves, widowed... just a few examples.

Library Materials

Victims, perpetrators or actors? : gender, armed conflict, and political violence JC328.6 .V54 2001 
Women, violence and war : wartime victimization of refugees in the Balkans DR1313.7.W65 Z4613 2000 
Mass rape : the war against women in Bosnia-Herzegovina HV6569.B54 M3713 1994 
Japan's comfort women : sexual slavery and prostitution during World War II and the U.S. occupation D810.C698 T36 2002 
Comfort women speak : testimony by sex slaves of the Japanese military D810.C698 C66 2000 
Necessary targets : a story of women and war PS3555.N75 N43 2001 
The diary of a young girl  D810.J4 F715 
Namibia : women in war   HQ1804 .W35 1990 
Masking terror : how women contain violence in Southern Sri Lanka HQ1735.8 .A85 2002 
The aftermath : women in post-war transformation HQ1233 .A38 2001 
In the name of the Emperor [videorecording] VTC#3139 
In the name of honor [videorecording] VTC#3756 
At the end of a gun [videorecording] : women and war VTC#3744 


Internet Resources

Women and War by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on  women's particular suffering in wartime, and how it can be reduced if ...

Women and War fact sheets by ICRC  provides a promotional folder with eight fact sheets which can be ordered individually or as a set. These fact sheets cover various problems faced by women in wartime, including physical safety, sexual violence, detention, missing relatives and displacement. Each fact sheet describes a particular problem, highlights the protection afforded by international humanitarian law and how the ICRC responds.

When women are the spoils of war from UNESCO Long a taboo subject, sexual violence is only now coming to be recognized as a crime against humanity.

Rape in Times of Conflict and War  by The United Methodist Church and Peace A resolution from the General Board of Global Ministries approved by the 1996 General Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Rape of Women in a War Zone  by The National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, A program of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Many hundreds of thousands of women have been raped in wars in this century alone, as reported in areas as diverse as Korea, Bangladesh, Liberia, Southeast Asia, and Uganda.

Japanese War Crimes: Nanjing Massacre from Nanjing Massacre Record is a web document containing detailed descriptions of the Nanjing Massacre in China in 1937-1938, including link to Rape of Nanjing Crimes committed against humanities and women during the WWII.  Warning detailed descriptive pictures.

Women's International War Crimes Tribunal in Tokyo 2000 from the People's Korea includes information on Summary of Findings Women's International War Crimes Tribunal

License to Rape: The Burmese Military Regime's Use of Sexual Violence in the Ongoing War in Shan State
by  The Shan Women's Action Network (SWAN) is a report that details 173 incidents of rape and other forms of sexual violence, involving 625 girls and women, committed by Burmese army troops in Shan State, mostly between 1996 and 2001. The report reveals that the Burmese military regime is allowing its troops systematically and on a widespread scale to commit rape with impunity in order to terrorize and subjugate the ethnic peoples of Shan State. The report illustrates there is a strong case that war crimes and crimes against humanity, in the form of sexual violence, have occurred and continue to occur in Shan State.

The War Within the War: Sexual Violence Against Women and Girls in Eastern Congo  from Human Rights Watch
is a report that documents the frequent and sometimes systematic use of rape and other forms of sexual violence in the Rwandan-occupied areas of eastern Congo. This report focuses on crimes of sexual violence committed by soldiers and other combatants. But rape and other sexual crimes are not just carried out by armed factions but also increasingly by police and others in positions of authority and power, and by opportunistic common criminals and bandits, taking advantage of the prevailing climate of impunity and the culture of violence against women and girls.

We'll Kill You If You Cry: Sexual Violence in Sierra Leone Conflict from Human Rights Watch presents evidence of horrific abuses against women and girls in every region of Sierra Leone by the rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF), as well as other rebel, government and international peacekeeping forces. The report is based on hundreds of interviews with victims, witnesses and officials, details crimes of sexual violence committed primarily by soldiers of various rebel forces —the RUF, the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), and the West Side Boys. The report also examines sexual violence by government forces and militias, as well as international peacekeepers.

Sierra Leone: War Rape and Sexual Assault from Radio Netherlands Rape and sexual assault were an integral part of the rebel strategy, according to human rights organizations.

If not now, when?: Addressing Gender-Based Violence in Refugee, Internally Displaced, and Post-Conflict Settings  (PDF format with pictures.  It takes several minutes to load the page) by Jeanne Ward is an outcome of 2 year global gender-based violence initiative spearheaded by the Reproductive Health for Refugees Consortium and aimed at improving international and local capacity to address gender based violence in refugee, internally displaced and post-conflict settings.

Center for Women War Victims: Interim Report IV--September 1994 to February 1995

Working in the War Time: between feminist politics and humanitarian work

Articles on Violence Against Women

Women and war: photos by (ICRC)
These photographs depict women from around the world who have suffered as a result of armed conflict as well as women who are courageously coping with the impact of war on their lives.


Women Against War

Are women particularly more peaceful or "as the primary caregivers, we learn to nurture life, rather than destroy it?" When it comes to building peace, women are leading...

Current Activities

Women Against Military Madness

The Women of Color Resource Center

Women Against War

Women United for Peace: Petition

Four Month Women's Fast for Peace

Women Anti-Iraq War Events throughout the World on March 8th, 2003

The 4th Global Women's Strike: A call to action for 8 March 2003
        Strike updates
        A Call to Women of Color
A Call for Students

Stand Up for Peace and Justice on International Women's Day!

Women's Rights are Human Rights. On International Women's Day say "No" to War

Women Speak Out Against War

Protest photo show


Historical Events & Other Sources on "Women against war"

  Library Materials

Peacework : oral histories of women peace activists JX1965 .A33 1991 
Peace as a women's issue : a history of the U.S. movement for world peace and women's rights JX1965 .A45 1993
Women and peace : feminist visions of global security JX1965 .R39 1993
Women strike for peace : traditional motherhood and the radical politics of the 1960s JX1965 .S94 1993
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, United States Section, 1919-1959 [microform]F-127
The records of the Women's Peace Union, U.S. Branch 1921-1940 [microform.] F-126  
The road to Greenham Common : feminism and anti-militarism in Britain since 1820 JX1965 .L64 1991 
One woman's passion for peace and freedom : the life of Mildred Scott Olmsted JX1962.O56 B33 1993
War and peace through women's eyes : a selective bibliography of twentieth-century American women's fiction Z1231.F4 C37 1992 
On the perimeter  JX1965 .B57 1985 
North to Canada: men and women against the Vietnam war DS559.62.U6 D53 1999 

   Internet Resources

Women in Black Call for Peace by Women in Black, an international peace network. Women In Black New York stand in silent vigil to protest war, rape as a tool of war, ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses all over the world. Women In Black stand in Silent Vigil every Wednesday* in front of the New York Public Library at 5thAvenue and 41st Street from 5:30 -6:30. Due to current events, we are now standing every week

World March of Women  by Canadian Women's March Committee September 28th, 2001 Women launch Declaration against War and Racism, for Peace and Justice On Parliament Hill.

Why a new foreign policy is better for women and girls

Do Women Want War? by Ruth Rosen published on Thursday, February 27, 2003 by the San Francisco Chronicle

V-World an article by Eve Ensler

American Women and the Vietnam War

Articles on Women Building Peace

Books on Women and Peace

PeaceWomen Voices includes Testimonies and Interviews, Speeches and Letters, Declarations and Statements Statements on Terrorism

Vietnam Portfolio / Protest

These are just sample sources on "Women and War".  Come to the library and see more of them.  Please also note that during the Women's History Month (March, 2003) information materials on  the theme will be on display in the library

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