Many nations collect and publish information which can vary in quantity and availability. There can be access barriers due to language issues or technology. The links provided here are for information generated by non-US goverments as well as international and non-governmental such as the International Red Cross and United Nations.

Foreign Governments

Non-Government Organizations

  • United Nations
    The largest international organization of governments. Search their document system through this portal.
  • Europa
    The search engine for the European Union site. Also see University of California Berkeley's extensive site on the EU.
  • International Committee of the Red Cross
    Activities, legal information and more from the worldwide humanitarian organization.
  • NGO Cafe
    An organization of organizations, this site is a means for non-government organizations to share information. The easiest way to navigate the page on your first visit is to open the site map and drill down to see the different categories of information available.
  • World Trade Organization
    Information on international trade negotiations, agreements, meetings and official business of the organization. Be aware there is a hoax site at that uses the WTO website look, for the purpose of protesting the WTO.


Population and Housing Censuses
Includes both Demographic Yearbook and summary reports from the United Nations

World Population Clock (US Census Department)

Social and Legal

  • Foreign and International Law Guides (Library of Congress)
  • Health (World Health Organization) Discussion of issues and current problems in health around the world
  • Human Rights one of several United Nations' sites for the Declaration of Human Rights, statistics and reports.
  • Law (Guide to Law Online) Assembled by the Library of Congress to link to sources on government and law throughout the world including multinational, national and US territories.
  • Nations of the World Assembled by the Library of Congress, links are provided to constitutions, governing bodies and legal resources.
  • World Leaders Maintained by the CIA

Censuses & Statistics (National and Topical)