Here are some helpful links and some information to get you started on your research.

Research Guides

Search our Research Guides to find appropriate databases and other resources for your discipline, and identify and/or contact your subject librarian.

Course Guides

Search our Course Guides to find appropriate databases and other resources specific to your course.

Ask a Librarian

Need help interpreting your assignment requirements? Not sure where to go to find resources on your research topic? Been searching for 15 minutes and haven’t gotten anywhere yet? It’s time to get help from a librarian! You can get help from a librarian in the following ways:

  • Chat - best for relatively quick questions that you need answered quickly.

  • Email - for more complex questions, or when you don’t need an answer ASAP.

  • Phone - when you can’t come to campus and need to talk out your question with a librarian.

  • By appointment - when your question is complex and you need more than 5 minutes with a librarian who is an expert in your subject.