Self and Occupational Analysis Report: How to Get Started

  1. Business research is a different way of inquiring and thinking, it will get easier with practice.
  2. Read your assignment (highlight requirements, clarify with instructor)
  3. Use this online course guide to direct you to a general list of resources (see additional pages, left), if you need more information ask for help.

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  • Tried searching for 15-20 mins but are STUCK, ask for help.

  • Contact your subject librarian.



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    • CoBA Business & Economic Librarian 
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New to Kellogg Library

New to Kellogg Library


The Basics...

  1. As a student you have REMOTE access to library resources through the library's website.

    ALWAY log-in when you are on the biblio.csusm.edu library website.

  1. What is the deal with getting help from the library/librarians? 
  • Librarian help is FREE
  • Ways to get help for general reference questions

    • In Person: Stop at the Research Help Desk (RHD) 3rd floor University Library, Ask for the librarian on call
    • Off-Campus: Try Chat (type back and forth with CSUSM librarians, great for off-campus help)
    • Call us!
    • Email the library
  • Hours in which a librarian are available for help

Often asked & technical library questions answered: "How do I"

  • Don't pay for articles! 
    • If you find an article, and you are asked for money - Don't pay.  Ask the library/librarians about Inter-Library Loan


Explore Careers

Explore Careers


Research a career/job

Occupational Outlook Handbook (online book)
Search the handbook to find career information:  duties, training, pay, job outlook, resources, and more. (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).


O*net OnLine
"O*NET OnLine has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers" (source: O*NET OnLine).


Toolkit for job seekers, students, businesses, professionals. Provides information on skills, training, wages, jobs, industry, and state & local information. Sponsored by the US Department of Labor.


California CareerZone
A career exploring and coaching site that uses O*NET data. (source: California Career Resource Network)


GlassDoor for students 
Offers job listing, company reviews, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, and CEO approval ratings (source: About Glassdoor).


Focus is on the entry-level position. Provides job searching, information on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, negotiating offers, salaries.




Establish your own account to build a professional network. Provides the ability to search: jobs, companies, salaries, connect to other professionals and join interest groups. Help on the use of this resource LinkedIn Help.

LinkedIn Jobs
Use this search to locate jobs posted on LinkedIn. Read more about jobs from LinkedIn's official blog

LinkedIn Salary
Use this search to learn a salary for a location and position. (Note: Limited access to non-LinkedIn members). 


Associations & Organizations

Associations & Organizations


Why seek out an association or organization?

  • To learn what is going on in a specific industry or profession! Tips for reviewing association or organization websites:
    1. Read the "about us" to learn the mission, purpose, and vision of the association or organization.
    2. Look for events, conferences, trade shows, or training that you (as a future professional) may want to participate in?
    3. Are there additional "resources" or "data/statistics" link on the site? Look for newsletters, publications, data, and trade journals of interest. Read these items to understand the goings-on of an industry/profession. *Note don't pay for access to materials listed here, ask your librarian for access to any trade journals that may be behind a "pay wall."

Locate an Association or an Organization

Try a Library database (sign in to use)

  1. First Research (Note: you will need to hit the following buttons:
    continue, continue, submit to reach the search page).

Image of the left hand navigation of an industry search, highlighted call prep questions, websites, executive Search for an industry that you are interested in working, not a job title! 

Example: ​​Want to work in fitness? Search fitness as a keyword

  • Multiple results will be displayed
  • Select the "most relevant" industry. You may need to read more that one industry profile.
  • Open an industry report and then, use the left-hand navigation (image shown right)
    • Websites & Acronyms
      • Often lists Associations/Organizations
    • Read the call prep questions
    • Executive insights
    • Visit other sections as needed.



Use Google and craft a search.  Search strategies example are shown below.

Search for either an association or an organization

Simple searching using OR to locate either an association OR an organization related to Real Estate


Search strategy using a domain limiter

Google search strategy using site:.org to limit to a specific domain



Trade Journals & News (basics)

Trade Journals & News (basics)


By reading trade journals you remain up-to-date on issues, trends, innovations, etc. in your field/occupation. Reading a business journal, such as the San Diego Business Journal, provides information/articles about a company or industry in the context of the geographic area and economy.  

Library Databases (selected) providing access to Trade journals, news, and Business Journals (log-in required)


Provides access to studies, reports, and trade and industry news.

TIP: Use the "filter" to limit to "trade journals"

Business Source Premier (library database)

Information on all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance, and economics. Publications types include: book, periodical (magazines) country reports, industry profiles, newspapers, trade publications, and academic journals. 

TIP: Filter your results by Publication type for a trade publication (trade journal).

Factiva (library database)

Excellent for international and major business news. Sources covered include: The San Diego Union-Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and more.  

TIP: Search defaults to the most recent 3 months. Change as needed. 

San Diego Business Journal (access provided by ABI/Inform database)

Online and print edition, see 3rd floor of the library (behind the research help desk).

Links to Business Research Guides

Links to Business Research Guides

Citation Tips & Tricks

Citation Tips & Tricks


Citing your sources a list of tips, tricks, and resources.

Use the University Library's general citation guide 

  • Academic Honesty & Plagiarism
  • Why & How to Cite (APA and other styles) 
  • Links provided to citation generators (**use with caution, check for accuracy)

Librarians suggest The Purdue Owl APA Style and Formatting Guide (online resource)

  • RULES for how to cite a source INSIDE your paper
In-text Basics In-text Author/Authors 
  • RULES for how to list your sources on a REFERENCES page


Reference List: Basics Reference List Author/Authors
  • MODEL your reference list citation based on your type of source.


Articles in Periodicals
electronic sources
other non-print sources
books other print sources  

Reference the APA handout created by the writing center.  This is a single-page handout. It is intended to be printed two-sided and tri-folded.


Image of APA handout side one from CSUSM writing center

Click the link for PDF of side one of the handout










Image of APA handout side two from CSUSM writing center

Click the link for PDF of side one of the handout







Need help, visit the writing center



Selected examples for reference


    Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) reference citation:

    1. The Online Occupational Outlook Handbook is
      an entry in an online reference source. Format for the citation follows section 7.02 of the 6th edition of the APA manual.
    2. List the author(s) of the "article" you are citing. In this example, we will have what is known as a "corporate author."  Recent updates from the APA indicates listing the most relevant government entity for ease of use and brevity read APA Blog post 

    Author = Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

    Image shows entry for budget analyst in Occupational Outlook Handout with circled areas for author which is Bureau of Labor Department, entry which is Budget analyst, and source which is Occupational Outlook handbook


    1. Date of the publication; year only needed.  For this source look at the bottom of the "web page." listed will be the date this entry in the OOH
      Image shows the very bottom of an entry in the OOH (handbook), in which a date the content was last modified.

    Year =  (2019). 

    1. Provide entry (this is the occupation you are viewing) from your online source.

    Entry =  Budget analyst.

    1. Provide the source for the online reference source.

    Source = In Occupational Outlook Handbook.

    1.    Provide a retrieval statement to complete the citation with Web address.

    Statement with web address = Retrieved from https://www.bls.gov/ooh/business-and-financial/budget-analysts.htm 

    Complete your citation. ***Note final reference page requires 12 Pt. Times new roman font, double spacing, with hanging indent***

      Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2019). Budget analyst. In Occupational Outlook Handbook. Retrieved from https://www.bls.gov/ooh/business-and-financial/budget-analysts.htm 

      JSO-BUS300-APA-Personal Comm

      Citations for personal interviews and telephone conversations

      1. Citations go IN TEXT (Inside) of your paper for personal communications. This is in accordance with section 6.20 in the 6th edition of the APA manual.
      2. You will need to provide the first initial(s) and surname (last name) of the person you interviewed.
         image shown to indicate two speakers are sharing information back and forth
      3. Date of the interview is needed, make it as accurate as possible.
      4. Interview scenario: You recently spoke to CSUSM librarian Judy Opdahl about her career and will use information learned in your paper.
      5. Examples of how you can cite this in the paper are shown here. Use this as a model for your personal communication (interviews, telephone conversations) citations.

      J. A. Opdahl indicated that presenting and attending a conference such as California Academic Research Libraries (CARL) enables librarians to share out research and learn from colleagues in academic librarianship (personal communication, June 21, 2019).

      Librarians at CSUSM are not only faculty members but are also subject specialist with disciplinary knowledge in a field, such as business and economics (J. A. Opdahl, personal communication, June 21, 2019). 

      Need Help?

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      Business & Economics Librarian

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