Welcome to the profession

Welcome to the profession

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Careers, jobs, and positions for librarians are varied.  Opportunities exist from: Digital archivist at video game companies, Research Analyst, Metadata Librarians, and the more known positions a public librarians. 

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Majors of your CSUSM Librarians

Majors of your CSUSM Librarians

Majors of CSUSM Librarian

Undergraduate Degrees of Librarians:

Geography (Bachelors from Rutgers University, emphasis in cultural geography) is the undergraduate degree of Melanie Chu, Outreach Librarian. This degree is from an interdisciplinary approach integrating aspects of anthropology, history, sociology, cartography, GIS, geology, and environmental science.


Librarianship - Judy O

Speech: Interpersonal & Organizational Communication undergraduate degree from CSU, Long Beach is held by Judith (Judy) Opdahl of CSU Long Beach.  She is currently an Instruction and Reference Librarian here at CSUSM.  She provides instruction to students who are taking GEL (Lifelong Learning), GEO (Oral Communication), and GEW (Writing).  Having a degree in communication has been a good fit for academic librarianship as much of instruction and reference requires being able to communicate (orally and in writing) complex concepts in a clear and concise manner to: students, faculty, staff, and community members.  

Scholarships & Internship Opportunities

Scholarships & Internship Opportunities

scholarships for library school students

Scholarship Opportunities

ALA Spectrum Scholarships: Spectrum recruits and provides scholarships to American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander students to assist individuals interested in obtaining a graduate degree and leadership positions within the profession and our organization.  Our aim is to increase the number of racially and ethnically diverse professionals working as leaders in the field of library and information science to best position libraries and institutions at the core of today’s culturally diverse communities.

Mosaic Scholarships: The Mosaic Scholarship was established by the SAA Council in August 2008 to advance SAA's Diversity Strategic Priority: To provide financial and mentoring support to minority students pursuing graduate education in archival science, to encourage students to pursue a career as an archivist, and to promote the diversification of the American archives profession. The award is given to applicants who demonstrate excellent potential for scholastic and personal achievement and who manifest a commitment both to the archives profession and to advancing diversity concerns within it.

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