About Context


The CSUSM University Library Context Exhibit Series (or simply Context) is a long-standing instructionally related Library program designed to support student learning and research and to foster community discussion and engagement through the use of art. Each semester, the Library invites artists from all over the country to display their talent in the 3rd floor of the Kellogg Library building and virtually on the Library's website.

Created in 2004, this series has introduced dozens of instructionally related exhibits to the CSUSM community, and each exhibit is a unique visual and cultural representation of the campus curriculum. The Context Exhibit Series has hosted a broad array of work that have addressed an extensive range of interdisciplinary topics including LGBTQ hate crimes; death, dying, and grieving; bacteria and fungi; veterans; the prison industrial complex; women’s health education and so much more! A complete list of past Context exhibits can be seen. See complete list of exhibits here.

Context provides a compelling, engaging venue for research and learning outside the traditional classroom. Classes visit the exhibit each semester as part of their co-curricular experience on campus. 

To schedule exhibit class visits or guided tours, contact the Outreach & Inclusion Librarian, Irma Ramos Arreaga, at iramos@csusm.edu or 760-750- 8217.