Special Collections

Mission of University Archives

To collect, preserve, and provide access to historical and permanent records about the University, its founding, growth, and impact on our local community.

What We Have

The University Archives contain materials relevant to California State University San Marcos from its origin in 1989 through present day. The collections include, but are not limited to papers, colloquia, maps, photographs, audiovisual recordings, realia, and legal documentation regarding the founding and growth of the 20th CSU. Secondary records include documentation in any form that is produced by outside sources, such as newspaper clippings, deemed of value regarding University activities or members of the University community. We encourage consultation on materials prior to your visit.

Faculty and Staff

Amy Dyess

Library Services Specialist, Institutional Repository
(760) 750-4377
KEL 3107

Carmen Mitchell

Scholarly Communications Librarian
(760) 750-8358
KEL 3307

Jennifer Ho

Communities and Culture Archivist
(760) 750-8359
KEL 5005

Judith Downie

Special Collections & History Librarian
KEL 5010

Laura Nelson

Library Services Specialist
(760) 750-4349
KEL 1010

Sean Visintainer

Head of Special Collections
(760) 750-4378
KEL 5011