User Services

The University Library’s User Services Department is a team of staff and faculty that facilitates the circulation of material, library spaces, provides library outreach, and directs users to library resources.



Library Services Desk:

Call: (760) 750-4348

We can be reached during the Library's operational hours. Please check the library website for hours.

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User Services Faculty and Staff

Specialty Name Email Telephone Office
Circulation Lead Gracie Aragon (760) 750-8489 KEL 3110B
Circulation Support Benjamin Allen (760) 750-8409 KEL 3110
Head of User Services Toni Olivas (760) 750-4333 KEL 3101
Library Reserves and Circulation Support Leslie Hovland (760) 750-8824 KEL 3107
Library Reserves Lead Alysa Hernandez (760) 750-8481 KEL 3107 B
Makerspace Lead Kodie Gerritsen (760) 750-8421 KEL 1004
Makerspace Specialist Ryan Dorsett (760) 750-4334 KEL 3107D
Outreach & Inclusion Librarian Irma Ramos Arreaga KEL 3306
Outreach and Circulation Support James Guerrero (760) 750-8124 KEL 3107A
Outreach Lead Rosa Rodriguez (760) 750-4394 KEL 3303B
Stacks and Study Spaces Lead John Pili (760) 750-8837 KEL 3107D
User Experience Librarian April Ibarra Siqueiros (760) 750-4360 KEL 3005
User Services & Textbook Affordability Lead Kelly Ann Sam (760) 750-4369 KEL 2103
User Services Lead Teri Roudenbush (760) 750-4376 KEL 3111