Library Technology Initiatives and Development


We help promote user success by facilitating the use of inclusive and empowering technology solutions that connect each member of the CSUSM community with the information and expertise they need, in alignment with the mission and strategic plan of the Library and CSUSM.


  • We are committed to advocating for a culture of inclusion, social justice, and diversity in the department, Library, and our community.
  • We strive for universal access by working together to find ways to ensure that people’s personal circumstances do not create barriers to access. 
  • We implement and support user-facing virtual search tools and interactive services that help the CSUSM community find and acquire the information they need for learning and research. 
  • We value teamwork that leverages the unique and diverse technical skills, knowledge and experiences of each unit member.
  • We synthesize best practice, standards, user data, and assessment in the selection, implementation, adoption, and delivery of technology services.
  • We strive to support innovation and technological exploration within a framework of strategic prioritization and calculated risk-taking.
  • We are committed to responsive and creative problem solving, transparency in communication, and working collaboratively with all campus partners.

Active and Upcoming Projects

  • Confluence Cloud Migration
  • Digital preservation technology components implementation and support
  • Jira Cloud Migration
  • LibCal Implementation
  • Library Website Redesign 2023
  • LibStaffer Implementation
  • Makerspace Implementation
  • PHP 8 Upgrades
  • Omeka and WordPress for student project websites
  • Windows Server Migration

Highlighted Projects

  • Alma and CASHNet Online Payment Integration
  • Alma and PeopleSoft CMS Integration 
  • Alma, Leganto, and Primo implementations
  • ArchivesSpace Implementation
  • Confluence implementation
  • CSU+ UX Customization
  • Drupal 9 migration
  • Drupal and Omeka sites for the Together/Apart initiative
  • Duo implementation for EZproxy, Jira, and Confluence
  • Facilities Management with Jira
  • Jira Service Management and Jira Work Management Implementation
  • Leganto Implementation
  • LTID Accessible Technology Initiative
  • Library Website Redesign
  • LuxerOne Lockers Implementation
  • Microsoft Teams organizational adoption
  • Omeka for Ecke Virtual Exhibits
  • Omeka website for Black Student Center Oral History Project
  • Omeka websites for University Library exhibit websites
  • Primo UI Improvements
  • Single Sign-On with ADFS for Drupal, EZproxy, ILLiad, Leganto, and Primo 
  • SharePoint adoption across Library departments and groups (does not include technical implementation)
  • UX assessment of Library website



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Kellogg 1000

Faculty and Staff

Amanda Dalgleish

Web Development & User Experience Specialist
(760) 750-4393
KEL 1000 A

Khuong Vu

(760) 750-4379
KEL 1000C

Roger Delgado

DevOps Specialist
(760) 750-4396
KEL 1000B

Steven R. Espinoza

Interim Head of Library Technology Initiatives & Development
(760) 750-4361
KEL 1001