Collections, Delivery and Access

To support and facilitate innovative, student-centered teaching and learning at CSUSM, CDA staff provide value-added professional work in acquiring, organizing and delivering all formats of information resources.  

Faculty and Staff

Cheryl Long

Library Services Specialist III
KEL 3303C

Dasha Pavel

Library Assistant
KEL 1023D

Debbie Blair

Library Services Specialist III - Resource Sharing
KEL 1010

Elizabeth Rallos

Library Services Specialist
KEL 1010B

Hua Yi

Collection Management Librarian
KEL 1025

Kelly Ann Sam

OER/ERM Librarian
KEL 1026

Lauren Magnuson

Head of Collections, Delivery and Access
KEL 1026

Marina Aragon

Library Services Specialist
KEL 1010

Natalya Serge

Library Services Specialist
KEL 1010

Susan P. Baksh

Lead Library Assistant
KEL 1024


Kellogg 1014