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z SIAM offers two online access packages: (1) SIAM Journals Online (articles from 1997 - present), and (2) Locus (full text for every SIAM journal article published from the journal's inception through 1996). For "Locus," in addition to an initial start-up fee, there is an annual maintenance fee of $100, applied in year two of the access onward. (9/7/10 cjd)
z Electronic access to Locus articles is available via IP address at . (9/8/10 cjd)
z We received confirmation from Arlette Liberatore today that they had received the Math Department's check in the amount of $300.00 for the Annual Maintenance fees for 2008, 2009 and 2010. (9/7/10 cjd)
z The SIAM titles for which back issues are available through Locus are: (1) JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR INDUSTRIAL & APPLIED MATHEMATICS, v. 1 - 13 (1953-1965) [Continued by - "SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics]; (2) SIAM JOURNAL ON APPLIED MATHEMATICS, v. 14 - 56 (1966-1996) [Continues - "Journal of the Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics]; (3) SIAM JOURNAL ON COMPUTING, v. 1 - 25 (1972-1996); (4) JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR INDUSTRIAL & APPLIED MATHEMATICS, SERIES A: CONTROL, v. 1 - 3 (1962-1965) [Continued by - "SIAM Journal on Control"]; (5) SIAM JOURNAL ON CONTROL, v. 4 - 13 (1966-1975) [Continues - "Journal of the Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics, Series A: Control" / Continued by - "SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization"] (6) SIAM JOURNAL ON CONTROL AND OPTIMIZATION, v. 14 - 34 (1976-1996) [Continues - "SIAM Journal on Control"]; (7) SIAM JOURNAL ON DISCRETE MATHEMATICS, v. 1 - 9 (1988-1996); (8) SIAM JOURNAL ON MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS, v. 1 - 27 (1970-1996); (9) SIAM JOURNAL ON ALGEBRAIC & DISCRETE METHODS, v. 1 - 8 (1980-1987) [Continued by - "SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis & Applications"]; (10) SIAM JOURNAL ON MATRIX ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS, v. 9 - 17 (1988-1996) [Continues - "SIAM Journal on Algebraic & Discrete Methods"]; (11) JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR INDUSTRIAL & APPLIED MATHEMATICS, SERIES B: NUMERICAL ANALYSIS, v. 1 - 2 (1964-1965) [Continued by - "SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis"]; (12) SIAM JOURNAL ON NUMERICAL ANALYSIS, v. 3 - 33 (1966-1996)]; (13) SIAM JOURNAL ON OPTIMIZATION, v. 1 - 6 (1991-1996); (14) SIAM JOURNAL ON SCIENTIFIC & STATISTICAL COMPUTING, v. 1 - 13 (1980-1993) [Continued by - "SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing"]; (15) SIAM JOURNAL ON SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING, v. 14 - 17 (1994-1996) [Continues - "SIAM Journal on Scientific & Statistical Computing"]; (16) SIAM REVIEW, v. 1 - 38 (1959-1996); (17) THEORY OF PROBABILITY AND ITS APPLICATIONS, v. 1 - 40 (1956-1996). (9/10/10 cjd)
z The following 4 titles are not available through Locus due to starting up after1996: (1) Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (began in 2003); (2) SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems (began in 2002); (3) SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics (began in 2010); (4) SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences (began in 2008). (9/10/10 cjd)
z Knowing what we know now, the two invoices we received from SIAM, each in the amount of $100.00, for "Locus: SIAM Online Journal Archive, 1952-1996" were for the Annual Maintenance fee mentioned above. SIAM showed record of having received a check in the amount of $3500 on 6/29/07 (Check Number 003963), which was for the initial start-up fee, and Susan Baksh traced that back to the Math Department. Turns out that the three Annual Maintenance fee invoices for 2008, 2009 and 2010, however, were never paid. Arlette Liberatore, SIAM's Customer Service Manager (contact info below), informed me that she had a note that she had sent the original Locus invoice to Vanessa Andrin who, as Susan discovered by checking a 2007 Campus Directory, used to work in the Math Department. Something that might have possibly confused the issue even further was that SIAM applied the Online Journals Subscription Agreement that we had signed and submitted for our paid online subscriptions to "SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics" and "SIAM Journal on Optimization" to the Math Department's request as it is one of the institutional requirements to have a signed copy on file for Locus access. Thus, it appears that SIAM views the two entities of the Library and the Math Department as one account. Susan contacted Jo Anne Moran in the Math Department about this on 8/3/10 and forwarded the information we'd received from SIAM (including an attached invoice for the three outstanding Maintenance fee charges). Jo Anne then replied on 8/4/10 that they'd take care of it. The upshot of the whole situation, therefore, is this: The Math Department requested and paid for the start-up fee for "Locus" access. They are also responsible for paying the Annual Maintenance fee charges. (See Cathie's file: "Vendors / Publishers: SIAM" for e-mail copies, etc.) (9/7/10 cjd)
z Contact for "Locus" information was: Arlette Liberatore, SIAM Customer Service Manager; Phone: 1-215-382-9800, x321; Fax: 1-215-386-7999; E-mail: (9/7/10 cjd)