Photography Permission Form

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Please read the Guidelines & Procedures before completing the form


Use of photographic or film equipment within the library:

  1. Must not interfere with the study, research, privacy, or safety needs of Library users;
  2. Must honor quiet study areas;
  3. Must not violate any CSUSM policies, rules, or regulations;
  4. May not hinder access to exits, stairways, corridors, doorways, and other Library areas;
  5. May sometimes be restricted during midterms or near final examinations.

Those who make extensive use of photographic or film equipment, use lights or tripods, or shift (or otherwise make use of) Library materials or furniture, must also:

  1. Schedule the project for a period of low Library usage;
  2. Minimize disturbance to Library staff and users;
  3. Minimize re-arrangement of furniture or Library materials, return any furniture used to its original location, and place Library materials in designated locations for reshelving;
  4. Keep in mind that Library staff members may prefer not to be filmed or photographed when working.


For individuals or groups who wish to photograph or film within the Library:

  1. Submit this request form as far in advance of the requested time as possible; you will receive approval or denial of your request from Library Administration staff via email within 72 hours of receipt.
  2. Obtain prior consent of any individual who is to be the subject of the photography/filming.
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