Report Your ZCCM Courses

Are you teaching a class that doesn't require students to purchase any textbooks or course materials? 

If so, please report your Zero Cost Course Materials (ZCCM) courses to the CALM Team. You can submit your courses by emailing or using the ZCCM Reporting Form

What is considered ZCCM? 
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) that are available freely online as open access or open education materials
  • Textbooks published as open textbooks from publishers and websites such as OpenStax, Pressbooks, Open Textbook Library, etc. 
  • Unlimited user library ebooks 
  • Articles available for free through the CSUSM Library 

OER and open textbooks are generally designated with a Creative Commons License that grant the public permission to use their creative work under copyright law. Visit our Open Educational Resources page to learn more about resources and options to make your course ZCCM. 

Why should I report? 

It is legally required by Senate Bill 1359 to indicate zero-cost courses in the class schedule. Courses that have been confirmed as ZCCM will be designated in the class schedule using the ZCCM logo. ZCCM designation is required by law to be available at the time students register for classes. 

How is my course designated as ZCCM in the class schedule? 

You may be contacted by the CALM Team to confirm your ZCCM courses if the booklist indicates your course as using an open textbook, Free OER, or No Text Required. Once courses are confirmed, the CALM Team informs the Office of the Registrar which classes should include the ZCCM logo. Sometimes the class schedule may change instructors after registration begins and your class may be incorrectly designated as ZCCM - if this occurs, please email to have the ZCCM designation removed. 

How does this affect students? 

Students are able to make decisions on their course registration based on ZCCM courses being offered. Students have reported choosing instructors who are teaching the course with ZCCM over instructors that require a textbook purchase. 

For more information, email or visit the ZCCM webpage