University Library Conduct Policy

The California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) University Library is committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment conducive to the academic process, which is principally devoted to research and study. 

All Library users are encouraged to respect their fellow scholars and conduct themselves in accordance with this and other CSUSM policies and local, state and federal laws.

Behavior that disrupts the academic process includes any activity that:

  • Disrupts or interferes with Library operations and/or the acceptable and legitimate activities of other Library users.
  • May cause damage to Library materials or facilities.
  • Endangers the offender(s) or others.
  • Is illegal.

Behavior that disrupts the academic process may result in Library employees requesting the offender(s) to leave the University Library immediately. 

Library employees will notify University Police if the behavior continues or if the offender(s) refuse to leave the premises when requested to do so. Violations of this conduct policy resulting in temporary trespass actions by University Police may result in permanent suspension of Library privileges and/or CSUSM campus access.

See also Appropriate Use of Computer Workstations and CSUSM Policies and Procedures

For non-urgent concerns, please contact: (760) 750-4348 

For urgent concerns, please notify University Police: (760) 750-4567

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